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All The Best!  The LUVebooks Team

Important Disclaimer:  After the contest runs its course, the winner of the "_____Giveaway Contest" will need to provide a United States shipping address in the event that they win stated prize and decide to accept the giveaway they won.  If the person with the most votes fails to provide a U.S. shipping address within 7 days of winning...the second runner-up will win the giveaway by default..and the first runner up releases all claims to the giveaway if he/she does not provide a U.S. shipping address in the stated 7 days after winning.  Contest ends (date) eastern time.  So final voting moments will run its course by (date), 12am eastern time.  These same rules apply to anyone winning by default and any subsequent additional runner-ups.  By participating in "_____Giveaway Contest" you agree to all rules and all disclaimers.  By participitating in the contest you agree that all decisions are final and agree to the final decision of stated winner. In addition this contest may be dismissed at any time for any reason.  Although we have a few books in stock, we reserve the right to substitute this  "____" gift for a gift of equal or lessor value in the highly unlikely event of unforseen circumstances.  Most importantly our goal is to make "Giveaway Contest" one that is smooth sailing and to stay true to our word.  All the best to ALL participitants!  Good Luck!

The LUVebooks Team