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Written by Michael Webb

Want to give your man a thrilling experience like
never before? Here are 5 really simple ways to make
your lovemaking hotter, steamier and more
passionate, starting tonight!


Practically every animal species utilizes the
rear-entry “doggy-style” position, so it is a
natural one for humans to enjoy, as well. While you
won’t have face-to-face contact, there are many
benefits. It’s great for guys because it gives them
full control.  This is one of the best positions
for hitting her G-spot and allows him to fondle
your breasts, stomach, clitoris, back, neck and
other sensual spots. The main benefit for your man
is that he’ll be able to get incredibly deep
penetration (above-average guys need to be careful
as deep thrusts might hit her cervix, which can be
quite painful).


Yes, men love to be touched sensually too. I call
these “hidden” zones because many people don’t
realize, or forget, that these areas of the body
LOVE attention. While many of these zones are
obvious, like the lips, groin, and inner thighs,
there are also areas that, when stroked, caressed
and kissed, can drive your partner wild and even
intensify their orgasm. Believe it or not, the
ears, neck, arms, chest and scalp are all really
sensitive areas that love to be stimulated. Spend
some time during foreplay caressing and touching
these areas, and watch how it pleases your partner.


Think men aren’t romantic or wouldn’t appreciate
it? Think again! Everyone loves a thoughtful and
kind gesture. Of course you might think that using
candles, music, incense and even rose petals to set
the mood of your lovemaking is a little too
“cliché.” But he’ll think differently! Your partner
will LOVE YOU for this. Just imagine how happy you
would feel if someone went to all the trouble to
create a special lovemaking occasion that you can
cherish for years to come. Could this be so
“cliché” because people enjoy it so much? Point


When beginning a genital massage, start with
lighter, irregular strokes ­ like teasing. As you
get further and further into it, stick with two or
three main strokes that your partner really enjoys.
Developing a good rhythm that your partner can get
into is the key to bringing your partner to orgasm
with a genital massage.


If I had to give you one piece of advice to make
your lovemaking perfect, it would be: learn the art
of fellatio. It’s true, all men love it. It feels
great and actually takes a lot of trust and comfort
to let somebody have their mouth down there. In
short, it’s an important part of lovemaking and is
often the main event.  Problem is, women often
start fellatio by sucking on the penis straightaway
when, actually, they should start with some playful
teasing and soft touches. This will lead to a much
more powerful orgasm as it heightens his
anticipation. Make sure you use different
techniques and your tongue, as well.

So there you have it. Five great ways to make your
man more satisfied in the bedroom. While they’re
all great, I would recommend putting most of your
energy and time into learning fellatio, simply
because men crave it so much and the loving smile
and kisses you’ll probably get in return are
definitely worth it.

About the author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the author of
Blow by Blow: the complete guide to fellatio.
Unfortunately, most women leave men frustrated and
disappointed after fellatio. Learn to be one of the
rare women who can satisfy him with oral sex. 

To learn more, visit:

Blow by Blow Fellatio ­ Book Review

So we all know that men LOVE fellatio but not all women know how to do it properly. So is Michael Webb’s latest edition worth reading? Let’s find out…

Okay, so while there are many interesting sections in this book, the REAL heart of the book is in the techniques section.

The book contained 15 techniques in total, which range from obvious all the way to unique techniques! Yes, there’s much more than you may have thought. And if you’ve ever wanted to know how to deep throat or ever felt too scared to try, you’ll appreciate this in the advanced techniques section, although it would have been nice if it went into a little more detail.

Also, I really enjoyed the section on “building anticipation” which helps men have a more powerful and satisfying orgasm. And it was nice to see that the whole trouble with “getting it up” problem was solved with some very impressive ideas too!

However, probably the best thing about the book was that the locations, positions and new sensations sections really help inspire you to come up with your own ideas and ways to spice up fellatio and keep it exciting ­ because it’s almost always the same. 

So were there any down points? Sure. Found many of the other sections a little tedious and a little boring. I mean, some were interesting, like the health and safety, but often would sneak a peak at the techniques section before coming back and reading it again properly. 

Nevertheless, I still think Blow by Blow is a must read for women. So if you suspect that your man’s not enjoying oral pleasure much, you’re new to all this or a little scared, or even if you just want to give him an out of this world experience, then this book is perfect for you! Two big thumbs up!

The LUVebooks.com Team